Detention/Retention Ponds

Basin Maintenance, Desiliting Low Flow Channel, Rip Rap Replacement

Eastcoast Site Work specializes in basin maintenance for construction sites. We can deter unwanted chemicals and debris from entering basins.

The pollutants entering a basin reflect the land use of the contributing drainage area. In residential development sediment and excessive nutrients from fertilizers, leaves, and grass clippings are typical. In commercial and highway development, the basin receives more hydrocarbons and heavy metals from vehicles as well as litter and debris.

The greatest water pollution threat from soil-disturbing activities is the introduction of sediment from the construction site into storm drain systems or natural receiving waters. Soil-disturbing activities such as clearing, grubbing, and earthwork increase the exposure of soils to wind, rain, and concentrated flows that cause erosion. A three-pronged approach is necessary to combat this storm water threat:

  • Temporary soil stabilization practices reduce erosion associated with disturbed soil areas (DSAs).
  • Temporary run-on control practices prevent storm water flows (sheet and concentrated) from contacting DSAs.
  • Temporary sediment control practices reduce sediment caused by erosion from entering a storm drain system or receiving water.


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