Silt Fence


A silt fence is a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment in storm water runoff. They are widely used on construction sites. They are often perimeter controls, typically used in combination with sediment basins and sediment traps, as well as erosion controls, which are designed to retain sediment in place where soil is being disturbed by construction processes.

Our Silt Fence combines the finest sediment control fabrics available secured to solid hardwood pencil point posts with heavy duty, wide crown staples. We are well known and respected throughout the industry for our high quality and low cost fencing. This is also combined with quick delivery and prompt, knowledgeable customer service.

We also produce custom configurations including steel wire mesh backed, plastic mesh backed, drawcord, washer & lathe reinforced, biodegradable, orange color, metal T-post, fabric only rolls, loose posts and printed logo fence.

Whether you use just a few rolls at a time or multiple trailer loads on a steady basis, economy grade or DOT approved models, EastCoast Site Work can fulfill your requirements.

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