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Eastcoast Site Work’s diverse range of services in New Jersey includes silt fence, custom-made fencing, snow removal, solar panel maintenance, street sweeping and more. Our 20 plus years of experience in the construction industry enables us to stand ready to serve you with unsurpassed quality goods and services. Products are stored in our warehouse for immediate availability and quality control.

Unlike other NJ construction site work companies, who usually specialize in one or two aspects of construction site maintenance, we are fully staffed and ready to serve your needs in a variety of construction services. For that reason we employ over 70 full-time skilled workers at all times.

Soil Erosion
Experience in all phases of soil erosion control, Eastcoast supervisors are certified specialists dedicated to providing innovative solutions.
Silt Fence
Our Silt Fence combines the finest sediment control fabrics available secured to solid hardwood pencil point posts with heavy duty, wide crown staples.
Street Sweeping
Offering all three types of street power sweeping equipment in various sizes: mechanical power sweepers, regenerative air power sweepers, and vacuum filter power sweepers.
Snow Removal
Our commercial snow removal services give our customers a safe winter environment with outstanding customer service.
Brush Clearing and Grubbing Site Prep Services

Our fleet of street sweepers, excavation equipment and trucks are of the highest quality and perform with the utmost efficiency. This allows our team of experts to be well equipped and ready to satisfy all of your requests. Need a service not listed on our website? Just ask! With one day’s notice, Eastcoast Site Work can have a large crew of reliable and experienced workers ready to fill your specific needs.

We are always looking for new customers to add to our growing family. As a valued customer, you can be assured that your company’s satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer friendly customer service and prompt, immediate response to any concerns you might have.

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we stand ready to serve you with unsurpassed quality goods and services.

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