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Land clearing and grubbing is generally a surface operation that consists of cutting and removing all trees, stumps, roots and other debris from the site. Land clearing may also include the removal and disposal of unwanted structures such as old foundations and structural concrete. In special circumstances, unwanted or abandoned utilities such as old water and sewer lines may also be removed as part of the land clearing process.

We have earned the reputation of being the preferred land-clearing contractor in New Jersey. Our updated equipment and available labor sets us apart from other land clearing companies, and allows our team of experienced, land clearing contractors to perform clearing and grubbing services safely and efficiently.

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When preparing a site for new construction, land clearing contractors must clear and grub the site before it is ready for foundations, utilities, pipelines, or even access roads. Site clearing services are one of the first steps for residential or commercial development and is an important part of any development project.

Before you start to clear and grub your property, check with your local government regarding permits. You may need a permit to not only clear the land but to dispose of timber. Rules may apply regarding composting and tree removal. There may be additional guidelines regarding protecting the environment or certain species. You will also want to check with the local utility companies to find out about possible lines on the property. If you end up having usable timber, save it if possible, as you may be able to use it on the project or sell it.

What does a land clearing contractor do?

After a construction site has been surveyed, trees, scrub, and surface debris must be removed. This is called clearing and grubbing. When site clearing services “clear,” this refers to the removal, or clearing, of all trees and plants. When land clearing companies “grub,” they are removing the roots, logs, brush, and debris that are left after clearing. The land clearing contractor will then grind or chip the brush and take care of the removal of stumps. Once the site clearing services are complete, the site is ready for next steps, such as grading.

It’s not easy to do clearing and grubbing properly, as any land clearing contractor will tell you. Land clearing companies must utilize specialized heavy machinery to perform the functions involved. At Eastcoast Sitework, we use skidders and loaders, horizontal grinders, chippers, bunchers and excavators. We also bring in bulldozers, dump trucks, and compactors.

Land clearing companies are experienced with this kind of equipment, and only experienced site clearing services should take on clearing and grubbing tasks. We know how to deal with the specialized circumstances of underground utilities, overhead wires, erosion control, and regulations in Ocean County and throughout New Jersey. Once these land clearing basics are complete, the site is ready for drain installation and grading.

What will influence the success of clearing and grubbing?

Tree, bush, or plant size will affect difficulty of the project. Larger, thicker vegetation requires more extensive grubbing than smaller, sparse vegetation. The type of vegetation is also important. Some trees and shrubs are harder to remove than others and may need to be removed differently. How deeply below the surface the site needs to be cleared and grubbed is also a consideration and may depend on the intended depth of foundation to be laid.

The disposal method of the vegetation and debris removed from the site is also a significant consideration. For example trees and shrubs may be cut up and chipped as a means of disposal, burned, or buried. Environmental considerations, ecological factors, state and local regulations, and the demands of the construction project itself will all likely play a role.

Whether you are starting a new project or expanding an existing one, our land clearing and grubbing services will prepare your property for development. Eastcoast Sitework has the expertise and equipment to perform land clearing and grubbing services for a variety of projects including municipal, commercial and residential developments. Our experienced, dedicated and safety-oriented crews are supported by a fleet of modern equipment to complete the project in a timely and efficient manner.

Eastcoast Sitework can also advise you on the use of clearing and grubbing by-products, such as woodchip mulch for example, for the stabilization of your development site.

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