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We offer Fencing, Silt Fence, Snow Removal, Solar Panel Maintenance, Street Sweeping and SWPPP in New Jersey.

Since 1999 Eastcoast Site Work has provided construction site preparation, maintenance and labor to builders throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Specializing in soil erosion prevention and silt fence installation, Eastcoast Site Work makes and warehouses its own silt fencing for immediate availability and quality control.

President Michael Garofalo says, “We open up job sites in a fast, efficient manner. We bring reliability and professionalism to every construction site we work.”

Eastcoast Site Work brings construction site services to builders throughout New Jersey. Unlike our competition, who usually specialize in one or two aspects of construction site maintenance, we offer services such as fencing, silt fence, snow removal, solar panel maintenance, street sweeping, SWPPP and more.

Our company offers a diverse range of construction site services, including safety and snow fence, tree removal, inlet protection, street sweeping, lawn maintenance, landscape design, signs, trench digging, stone driveway pads, and bond punch list repairs.

As soil erosion specialists, we manufacture and warehouse our own quality silt fence for immediate availability and unbeatable quality.

We employ more than 70 full-time employees and can put 100 reliable workers on a job site with a day’s notice, ready to serve all your construction needs. Our employees are specially trained in the soil erosion, sediment control and fence installation and follow all safety regulations, and are always courteous and professional. What does this mean for your business? We are prepared to fulfill your construction labor requirements on an as-needed basis! Eastcoast Site Work can have a large crew of reliable and experienced workers ready to begin work on your NJ job site.

Eastcoast Site Work guarantees that each construction site is worked on promptly, efficiently and methodically. From start to finish, Eastcoast Site Work is there until the job is done… The way you want it.

Whether you need to clear the land of brush and trees to prepare a site for construction or sweep the streets of a newly opened community, Eastcoast Site Work can deliver the manpower, professional skill and equipment to move your job along quickly and efficiently.

“We do jobs others won’t take on. We do them well and we do them fast,” says President Michael Garofalo.

Eastcoast Site Work Office in Jackson, NJ

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