Silt Fence & Super Silt Fence

A silt fence is a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment in storm water runoff. They are widely used on construction sites to control and prevent soil erosion.

Silt fences are the most commonly used geotextile for erosion control in residential and commercial construction. Silt fences are designed to block the sediment while letting the water slowly flow through the fabric.

nj construction site silt fence
nj sediment control fabric silt fence

They are often perimeter controls, typically used in combination with sediment basins and sediment traps, as well as erosion controls, which are designed to retain sediment in place where soil is being disturbed by construction processes.

Our Silt Fence combines the finest sediment control fabrics available secured to solid hardwood pencil point posts with heavy duty, wide crown staples. We are well known and respected throughout the industry for our high quality and low cost fencing. This is also combined with quick delivery and prompt, knowledgeable customer service.

We also produce custom configurations including steel wire mesh backed, plastic mesh backed, drawcord, washer & lathe reinforced, biodegradable, orange color, metal T-post, fabric only rolls, loose posts and printed logo fence.

Whether you use just a few rolls at a time or multiple trailer loads on a steady basis, economy grade or DOT approved models, EastCoast Site Work can fulfill your requirements.

Silt Fence for Development Projects Unleashes the Power of Progress

Are you tired of soil erosion wreaking havoc on your construction sites? Our advanced Silt Fence is the ultimate solution to keep your development projects on track.

Silt Fence Benefits for Development Projects

Erosion Control

Ensure a stable and secure construction environment by preventing sediment runoff with our high-quality silt fence. Keep your project site intact and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements! Our silt fence is designed to meet industry standards, helping you maintain a clean and responsible construction site.

Durable Defense

Constructed with robust materials, our silt fence is built to withstand the challenges of development sites. From excavation to building, trust our fence to provide a reliable barrier against soil erosion.

Join the Future of Development With Silt Fence 

Don’t let soil erosion stand in the way of progress. Upgrade your construction site with our advanced silt fence and build the foundation for a successful and sustainable development project. Order now and witness the difference!


Silt Fence w/ Wood Stakes is woven filter fabric that is attached to wood stakes for quick and easy installation. It is available in a variety of configurations depending on the job, state and/or DOT. Usually there are 11 wooden stakes per 100′ roll.

NJ silt fence installation
wood stake silt fence in New Jersey


Wire Backed Super Silt Fence has filter fabric attached to wire mesh for added support. Most commons roll sizes are 24″x100′ and 36″x100′, but some states and DOTs require special sizes. Metal Erosion Posts are usually used to hold wire back silt fence up.

wire mesh silt fence NJ
custom logo silt fence

Also Available

  • Standard silt fence w/1 1/4″ nom post
  • Heavy duty silt fence w/2″x2″ nom posts w/draw string & w/30″ wood lathes
  • Heavy duty silt fence w/2″x2″ nom posts with plastic mesh
  • Heavy duty silt fence w/2″x2″ nom posts with washers

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