Erosion Control Services and Soil Erosion Prevention

Comprehensive Erosion Control Solutions for New Jersey Properties

Soil erosion can lead to numerous issues, from nutrient loss and water pollution to infrastructure damage and regulatory fines. At Eastcoast Site Work, we provide comprehensive erosion control services designed to protect your property and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Our team of certified specialists brings over 20 years of experience to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our Erosion Control Services Include:

Soil Erosion Control
  • Basin and Pond Maintenance: Sediment removal and maintenance of stormwater facilities to prevent pollution and maintain efficiency.
  • Inlet Protection: Installation of professional-grade inlet filters and sediment control solutions to protect storm drains.
  • Stock Pile Management: Covering stock piles of soil to preventing silt from becoming airborne and reducing soil erosion.
Hydroseeding Stabilization
  • Hydroseeding: An efficient planting process using a slurry of seed and mulch sprayed over prepared ground. Promotes quick germination and soil stabilization.
Regulatory Issues
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP): Comprehensive creation, implementation, and maintenance of SWPPP, including weekly inspection reports and compliance monitoring.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We maintain continuous communication with compliance agencies, ensuring we stay updated with the latest regulations and pass this vital knowledge on to our clients. Our ongoing contact with key compliance agencies guarantees that we are always aware of updated practices and measures. Additionally, we offer our clients guidance, education, and support to help avoid DEP, EPA, and soil violations.
Stabilized Construction Access
  • Vehicle Tracking Pads: Minimizing dirt, rock, and debris leaving construction sites, reducing soil transport and erosion.
Concrete Washout Systems
  • Concrete Washout Area: Containment systems for discarded concrete and liquids to protect groundwater and aquatic life from pollutants.
Street Sweeping and Washing
  • Street Sweeping Services: Regular removal of debris, dirt, and pollutants from paved surfaces to prevent sediment runoff and maintain proper drainage systems.
Erosion Control Products Supply and Installation
  • Silt Fence Sales and Installation: Custom-manufactured silt fences using high-quality sediment control fabrics secured to durable hardwood pencil point posts.
  • Hay Bales with Stakes: Natural, biodegradable barriers to prevent soil erosion and sediment runoff.
  • Curlex and Straw Blankets: Effective soil stabilization solutions to control erosion on slopes and disturbed soils.
  • Silt Socks: Permeable fabric tubes filled with compost, also known as erosion control tubes and filter socks, ideal for filtering stormwater runoff and trapping sediment.
  • Straw and Coir Wattles: Biodegradable wattles used to prevent sediment movement and control soil erosion on slopes and construction sites. Coir wattles for bank stabilization, stream restoration, and inlet protection. Made from all-natural materials for strength and effective filtration.
  • Seed, Hay, and Tack: Comprehensive soil stabilization solutions that include seeding, hay mulching, and tackifier application for enhanced erosion control.
  • Silt Sacks: Heavy-duty filter bags designed to capture and contain sediment in storm drains, helping to prevent sediment runoff and protect water quality.

Why Choose Eastcoast Site Work?

Eastcoast Site Work boasts over 20 years of dedicated service in soil erosion control, delivering exceptional solutions to municipalities, developers, builders, homeowner associations, golf courses, and private entities. We maintain continuous communication with compliance agencies, ensuring we stay updated with the latest regulations and passing this vital knowledge on to our clients. Our commitment to quality is evident in our use of only the highest quality products, including custom-made silt fences and advanced hydroseeding techniques. Above all, our priority is to exceed client expectations with innovative solutions and reliable services.

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Erosion Control, Storm Water Control, and Sediment Control in New Jersey’s Construction Industry

What is Erosion Control?

Erosion control is the practice of preventing or managing soil erosion caused by wind, water, or other natural forces. In the construction industry, especially in New Jersey, erosion control is critical to maintain the integrity of construction sites and surrounding environments. Effective erosion control strategies help prevent the loss of valuable topsoil and reduce the transportation of sediment to nearby waterways, thus minimizing environmental damage and enhancing site stability.

Erosion controls in construction often involve creating physical barriers or using vegetation to absorb the energy of wind or water. These measures can include silt fences, straw wattles, hydroseeding, and more. Implementing these techniques helps in protecting the landscape and ensures that the construction activities do not lead to long-term ecological harm.

Storm Water Control

Storm water control involves managing and directing the flow of rainwater or melted snow to minimize flooding, erosion, and water pollution. In New Jersey, storm water management is essential due to the state’s frequent and intense rainstorms. Construction sites must have robust storm water control measures to handle large volumes of runoff effectively.

Techniques for storm water control include the use of coir wattles, sediment basins, and storm water retention systems. These methods help slow down the water flow, allowing sediments to settle and reducing the risk of soil erosion and water pollution. Proper storm water control not only protects the construction site but also safeguards nearby water bodies and communities from potential flooding and contamination.

Sediment Control

Sediment control is the practice of keeping eroded soil within the construction site, preventing it from washing off and polluting nearby streams, rivers, lakes, or seas. In New Jersey’s construction industry, sediment control is a crucial aspect of environmental compliance and site management.

Sediment controls are typically temporary measures designed to work alongside erosion controls. They include devices such as silt sacs, sediment basins, and silt fences. These controls trap sediment before it leaves the construction site, ensuring that the water running off the site is cleaner and free of harmful soil particles. This is particularly important in maintaining water quality and preventing habitat destruction in local aquatic ecosystems.

The Importance of Erosion, Storm Water, and Sediment Control in New Jersey

In New Jersey, strict regulations govern the construction industry’s approach to erosion, storm water, and sediment control. Compliance with these regulations helps prevent environmental degradation, protects water quality, and ensures the safety and health of local communities. Eastcoast Site Work is dedicated to providing top-tier solutions in these areas, using innovative products and techniques to help clients meet regulatory requirements and achieve sustainable construction practices.