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Eastcoast Site Work offers professional soil and erosion control solutions in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

Soil erosion is a pervasive issue that affects the environment, agriculture, and construction industries. In places like Englishtown, NJ, controlling soil erosion is not just beneficial, it’s crucial. With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, Eastcoast Site Work has been at the forefront of implementing efficient erosion control methods to protect and preserve our precious soil.

As construction professionals, property managers, and HOA organizations, and commercial property owners, it’s vital to understand the importance of controlling soil erosion on your properties and construction sites. Not only does it prevent the loss of fertile topsoil, but it also helps maintain the aesthetic appeal and value of your land.

At Eastcoast Site Work, we specialize in a range of services from basin and pond maintenance to hydroseeding. We also provide SWPPP plans, which are instrumental in preventing erosion. Our techniques include the use of silt fence and super silt fence, which we supply and warehouse for immediate availability. Some of our additional services such as solar field maintenance, snow removal, and street sweeping all contribute to our comprehensive approach to managing and protecting your property.

One common method of controlling soil erosion is through the use of cover crops. This technique not only helps control erosion but also improves the health and fertility of the soil. As we delve deeper into the topic of soil erosion control in Englishtown, NJ, we’ll explore various methods, their effectiveness, and how Eastcoast Site Work can assist you in implementing these strategies to protect your soil and prevent erosion.

Causes of Soil Erosion in Englishtown, NJ

Soil erosion is a considerable concern, affecting both natural landscapes and constructed properties. In Englishtown, NJ, the causes of this issue can be categorized into two groups: natural factors and human activities. Understanding these causes can help construction professionals, property management and homeowner associations (HOAs), and large commercial property owners implement effective erosion control practices.

Natural Factors Contributing to Soil Erosion

Two significant natural forces contribute to soil erosion: wind and water.

1. Wind Erosion: In areas where vegetation is sparse, powerful winds can lift and move loose soil particles. Over time, this wind erosion can lead to substantial soil loss, especially if not addressed promptly and effectively.

2. Water Erosion: Similarly, water erosion happens when rainfall or surface runoff dislodges soil particles, carrying them away. This type of erosion is particularly prevalent on steep slopes or in areas with poor vegetation cover, where the soil’s capacity to absorb water is limited.

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, both wind and water erosion pose severe threats to the environment, affecting agricultural productivity, degrading landscapes, and negatively impacting water quality.

Human Activities That Exacerbate Soil Erosion

While natural factors play a significant role, human activities often compound the problem of soil erosion, particularly in areas with high levels of construction and development.

1. Construction and Land Use Practices: Construction activities often involve the removal of natural vegetation, leaving the soil exposed and more susceptible to erosion. Without proper erosion control measures, construction sites can quickly become hotspots for soil erosion.

2. Unsustainable Farming Practices: Similarly, unsustainable farming practices, such as overgrazing and deforestation, can cause soil erosion by reducing the soil’s ability to absorb water, leading to increased runoff and erosion.

At Eastcoast Site Work, we understand the unique challenges of managing erosion in Englishtown, NJ. With over 20 years of experience serving the northeast United States, we specialize in providing erosion control and soil sediment control services, including SWPPP plans. We offer basin and pond maintenance, inlet protection, and hydroseeding on construction sites and properties throughout New Jersey.

We also supply and warehouse silt fence and super silt fence for immediate availability – crucial tools to reduce erosion. Additional services that contribute to our holistic approach to site management include solar field maintenance, snow removal, and street sweeping.

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Impacts of Soil Erosion in Englishtown, NJ

Soil erosion is a pervasive issue that can have far-reaching impacts, especially in regions like Englishtown, NJ. While it’s crucial to understand the causes of this problem, it’s equally important to comprehend its effects.

The impacts of soil erosion can be broadly categorized into two areas: negative effects on the local environment and consequences for agriculture and other land uses.

Negative Effects on the Local Environment

Soil erosion can lead to significant environmental degradation. As soil particles are displaced by wind or water, the landscape fundamentally changes. This process can lead to the loss of topsoil, which is often rich in nutrients and vital for plant growth. Without this fertile layer, vegetation struggles to thrive, leading to barren landscapes and reduced biodiversity.

Water bodies can also suffer from soil erosion. As eroded soil enters streams, rivers, and lakes, it can lead to siltation, adversely affecting water quality and aquatic life.

Fortunately, there are effective methods to mitigate these effects. Erosion control blankets and erosion control matting are two such solutions. These tools work by covering the soil surface, protecting it from rain impact, runoff, and wind. They create a stable environment for vegetation to establish, helping to prevent soil erosion and maintain the health of the local environment.

Consequences for Agriculture and Other Land Uses

The impacts of soil erosion extend beyond the natural environment into human activities, particularly agriculture. As topsoil is eroded, agricultural lands lose their fertility, leading to decreased crop yields and increased reliance on artificial fertilizers. This not only affects the profitability of farms but also the sustainability of our food systems.

Construction sites and other developed lands are not immune to the effects of soil erosion either. Erosion can undermine the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure, leading to safety hazards and costly repairs.

At Eastcoast Site Work, we understand these challenges and are committed to providing effective solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we specialize in erosion control and soil sediment control services. We supply and warehouse erosion control blankets and mats for immediate availability, offering a practical and efficient way to prevent soil erosion on construction sites and properties throughout New Jersey.

Soil Erosion Control Methods in Englishtown, NJ

As an experienced contractor serving the northeast United States, Eastcoast Site Work has a deep understanding of soil erosion and its impacts. Over the years, we have developed and refined a range of effective methods to control soil erosion and protect soil integrity. These techniques can be broadly categorized into traditional methods and innovative/modern practices.

Explanation of Various Erosion Control Techniques

1. Traditional Methods: Traditional methods of erosion control mainly involve physical barriers and landscape modifications to prevent soil displacement.

Silt Fences

We supply and warehouse silt fence and super silt fence for immediate availability. These fences are designed to intercept and slow down runoff, allowing sediment-laden water to deposit its soil particles before it leaves the site.

Basin and Pond Maintenance

Properly maintained basins and ponds can significantly reduce erosion by controlling water flow and encouraging sedimentation.

2. Innovative/Modern Practices: In addition to these traditional techniques, Eastcoast Site Work also employs innovative practices that leverage modern technology and materials.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are a modern approach to erosion control. They involve creating a detailed plan to manage stormwater runoff, including measures to limit soil disturbance and sediment discharge.

Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets are biodegradable mats that cover the soil surface, protecting it from rain impact, runoff, and wind. They are particularly effective on slopes and in areas where vegetation establishment is slow.

The Role of Vegetation in Controlling Soil Erosion

Regardless of the methods employed, vegetation plays a crucial role in controlling soil erosion. Plants act as a natural barrier against wind and water, their roots stabilize the soil, and their foliage intercepts raindrops to lessen their impact.


This is a planting process that uses a mixture of seed and mulch. It’s an effective way to vegetate erosion-prone areas and create a stable soil structure. At Eastcoast Site Work, we provide hydroseeding services as part of our comprehensive approach to erosion control.

Taking Care Of Soil Erosion In Englishtown

Soil erosion is a significant issue with profound impacts on both the environment and human activities, notably in Englishtown, NJ. But with an understanding of its causes and effects, and the right practices in place, it can be effectively controlled. Eastcoast Site Work, with its extensive experience and comprehensive approach, provides a range of both traditional and innovative methods for soil erosion control.

From supplying materials like silt fences and erosion control blankets to services such as basin maintenance and hydroseeding, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of our soil, protecting the local environment, and supporting sustainable land use practices.

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