What to look for when hiring a commercial or construction fence company

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Many factors need to be considered when hiring a local commercial and construction fencing contractor. Making the right decision will prevent difficulties from occurring throughout the installation and will insure a properly installed fence that will serve your needs for years. Take some time by reading these helpful tips and educate yourself when searching for fencing contractors in the Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey area.

Get References

When looking for commercial fencing providers, nothing surpasses the advice you can obtain from friends or business associates. Contact the professionals in your business network. Given the abundance of fence contractors in the area, the likelihood that you can locate a reliable one based just on references is very high.

You can avoid confusion by asking for references because you can trust people you know and their first-hand knowledge. You may readily access them as a wonderful resource because they are likely to have interacted with a fencing contractor at some point.

Ask the people in your network about their interactions with the contractor they hired personally and what they like about them. It is also a good idea to spend some time looking at the fence that was put up by them so that you can see firsthand the caliber of work that a specific fencing company consistently offers.

Do Some Independent Research

Remember to conduct your own research as well. If you limit your search results based on the region in which you live, Ocean County and Monmouth County for example, a straightforward web search ought to be sufficient. Based on the services they offer, compile a shortlist of the businesses in your area. To find out more about the range of their services, get in touch with each one separately.

To ensure that expectations are clear, explain the type of timeframe that your project will follow. While you should never rush to produce work of a professional caliber, you equally shouldn’t keep yourself waiting for weeks on end.

Be honest with your fencing contractor and make sure you both understand how long the project will take and what to expect in terms of labor, materials, and cost. The last thing you want is to erect a fence only to be surprised by how much it will cost you afterwards.

Clear communication will guarantee that your fence will be installed on your terms, in a timely manner, and for a price you can afford.

Keep an eye out for high-quality goods and services.

If a local fencing business only uses top-notch materials, it might be worth your time. You will undoubtedly be able to purchase a fence that is attractive, strong, and long-lasting. Make sure the company delivers premium installation services and maintenance services, if needed. Whether it is a fence installation or land clearing before the new fence is installed, make sure the company meets every necessity.

Find out what experience your contractor has. How many different kinds of fences do they have? For any type of custom fence installation or maintenance, what materials do they advise using and why? What do they know about setting up and maintaining fences made of aluminum, vinyl, chain-link, and pool? Do they possess additional security and access control knowledge? These all serve as indicators of their general competence.

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Take Years of Experience Into Account

One of the key qualities you should seek for in a fence company is experience. Pick a company that has provided fencing services to a variety of consumers in the area for a long time. Check to see whether it already has a license. It serves as a sign that it is permitted to operate.

Turn to Eastcoast Site Work for all of your commercial and construction fencing requirements. We are committed to always providing top-notch fence installations and unmatched client satisfaction. To guarantee the highest level of craftsmanship for all fencing services, including the installation of custom gates and farming fences, our installers are qualified experts with years of experience.

Pricing is certainly at the top of the list when shopping for a fence but it is by far not the most important consideration. You must examine such areas as the contractor’s expertise, credentials, insurance and, of course, reputation. Obtain multiple estimates. Fence installation can be competitive so getting at least two or three estimates should not be an issue.

Have a Fence Style In Mind

Do your research so you can make a decision about a good idea of the type of fence you would like to install. Your potential fence contractor should be able to make appropriate suggestions and have diversified experience. Any qualified contractor should be able to install a variety of fencing such as wood, vinyl, chain-link, and even portable construction site fencing.

Before beginning, a skilled contractor will make an appointment with you to assess your property, the topography, and your unique demands in order to choose the ideal fence. Additionally, they will get approval from county officials in the area and acquire the necessary permits.

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Check The Company’s Credentials

Examine their history and the length of time they have been in operation. Although it might not appear that tough to install a fence, there are actually a lot more details involved than most people believe.

Your best idea is to select a local fencing contractor with the most experience possible because there are so many minute elements to consider. By selecting a contractor with this much expertise, you can be sure that your project won’t involve any extra hassle or inexperienced blunders. Long-term, this will spare you money and pain.

Nothing will come as a surprise to a fencing contractor with decades of experience because they have been involved in a wide range of installations in many different settings.

The next step is to check their credentials, licensing and insurance. Run through the following checklist.

  • Search for online reviews
  • Professionally insured and fully licensed.
  • Will they obtain permitting?
  • Will they obtain a utility locator?
  • Will they offer a warranty for their workmanship? The fence warranty should be covered by the manufacturer.

The contractor should meet all of the above considerations. Exceptions should give you concern and you should consider eliminating that contractor from the running. They should be able to outline the fence installation process in detail and provide a definitive timeline of when the work is expected to be completed. Ask if there will be any discounts for delays on their inability to reach the deadline.

Eastcoast Site Work offers a wide variety of commercial and construction site fencing. We are well known for fencing in the Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey area and we are respected throughout the industry for our high quality and low-cost fencing. This is also combined with quick delivery and prompt, knowledgeable customer service.

It takes some work to choose a fencing contractor, but it will be worthwhile in the end! You should think about their knowledge and experience, cost, project and payment conditions, accreditation, feedback from prior clients, and guarantees that they provide.

At Eastcoast Site Work we value the work we do and the people who hire us. We believe in fostering our relationship with you as qualified, fully insured, and experienced fence contractors with over 40 years of expertise.

We want our relationship with you to last as long as a fence does. Our commitment to quality and our desire for perfection are what have kept us in operation for so long. Let our fencing experts help you. We can meet any request, just ask!

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