Enhance Construction Site Security and Safety with Temporary Chain Link Fencing

A Guide for Contractors and Builders

In the construction industry in New Jersey, ensuring the safety and security of construction sites is paramount. One of the most effective security measures that contractors and builders can employ is the use of temporary chain link fences.

These sturdy barriers not only deter unauthorized access but also create a safe environment for workers, equipment, and materials.

Chain link fences are more than just metal mesh; they provide peace of mind knowing that your site is well-protected from potential intruders or accidents. Whether you opt for a standard chain link fence or choose to enhance it with additional security features such as barbed wire, these fences serve as an essential shield for construction sites.

Here’s how you can enhance your construction site security and safety using temporary chain link fencing. From understanding its benefits to its installation and maintenance, this guide aims to provide you with comprehensive knowledge for making informed decisions about your site’s safety measures.

Understanding Temporary Chain Link Fencing

When it comes to construction or renovation projects, maintaining site safety is always a top priority. One of the most effective methods to ensure this is by using temporary chain link fences. But what exactly is a temporary chain link fence, and why should you consider it as part of your security measures? Let’s delve into its definition, key features, and benefits.

Definition and Description

Temporary chain link fences are portable fencing solutions designed to secure a specific area for a limited period. These fences are mainly used in construction sites, outdoor events, or any location that requires temporary but robust security. Made from interlocked steel wires forming a diamond pattern, chain link security fencing is recognized for its durability and versatility.

Unlike permanent fences, temporary chain link fences consist of standalone panels that can be quickly installed and dismantled. These temporary fence panels, often supported by weighted bases, allow for flexibility in configuring the layout of the fence, making them an ideal solution for various temporary security needs.

Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced Level of Security

Temporary chain link fences act as a formidable deterrent to potential intruders, ensuring a high level of security. The robustness of the steel wire mesh makes it difficult to breach, and optional enhancements like barbed wire tops can provide additional security.


Chain link security fencing is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Made of galvanized steel, these fences are resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance throughout your project’s duration.


Temporary chain link fences can accommodate various terrains and can be configured according to your site’s unique requirements. Whether your site is on a slope, uneven ground, or a wide-open space, chain link fences can be adapted to fit perfectly.

Easy Installation and Removal

As these fences comprise individual panels, they can be quickly installed, reconfigured, or removed without requiring specialized tools or expertise. This feature makes them a practical choice for short-term projects.


Compared to permanent fencing solutions, temporary chain link fences offer a more affordable option. They provide reliable security without the need for significant financial investment, making them a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Importance of Construction Site Security and Safety

Construction sites are bustling hubs of activity, with workers, heavy machinery, and stacks of materials all in constant motion. While this energy is necessary to bring buildings from blueprint to reality, it also introduces a host of potential hazards and risks.

Potential Hazards and Risks in Construction Sites

One of the most apparent risks on construction sites is the threat of physical injury to workers. From falls from heights to accidents involving machinery, the potential for harm is ever-present. Moreover, the risk extends beyond the human element. Unsecured construction sites can become easy targets for theft or vandalism, with expensive equipment and materials left vulnerable. Lastly, without proper safety measures, sites can pose significant public safety risks, including potential dangers to pedestrians or nearby properties.

The Role of Fencing in Mitigating Risks

This is where the importance of robust security measures, such as fencing, comes into play. A well-installed fence serves multiple purposes on a construction site.

It creates a clear boundary between the construction site and the public, keeping unauthorized individuals out and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. This is particularly crucial in busy urban areas where sites are often adjacent to sidewalks and roads.

Fencing acts as a deterrent to potential thieves or vandals. The sight of a sturdy fence, especially one that’s enhanced with features like barbed wire, can discourage most opportunistic criminals.

Fences can also serve as a visual guide for workers, helping them understand the limits within which they should operate their machinery, thereby preventing accidents caused by straying beyond the designated work area.

Installation of Temporary Chain Link Fencing: Professional Insights

Temporary chain link fencing is a versatile and cost-effective solution for securing construction sites. With over 20 years of experience serving the construction industry in the northeast United States, Eastcoast Site Work has mastered the process of installing these fences.

How to Install Temporary Chain Link Fencing

The installation process begins with careful planning. We map out the area where the fence will be installed, measure the perimeter, and mark the exact spots where the fence panels will be placed.

Next, we prepare the temporary chain link fence panels. At Eastcoast Site Work, we offer custom-made fencing solutions, ensuring that your fence is tailor-made to fit your site perfectly.

We then set up the base of each panel using weighted stands or blocks. These bases provide stability to the fencing structure, preventing it from toppling over under harsh weather conditions or physical pressure.

Once the bases are set, we attach the fence panels to them, interlinking them to form a continuous barrier around the designated area.

Lastly, we secure the fence with clamps and ties, ensuring it remains stable and upright. For enhanced security, we can add additional features like privacy cloth and barbed wire to the top of the fence.

Safety Measures During Installation

At Eastcoast Site Work, we prioritize safety above all else. Here are some safety measures we adhere to during the installation process:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

All our workers wear appropriate PPE, including gloves, safety glasses, and steel-toed boots, to protect against potential injuries during the installation process.


Our team members undergo thorough training on safety protocols and proper handling of equipment and materials to prevent accidents.

Regular Inspection:

The installed fences are regularly inspected for any signs of damage or instability, ensuring they remain secure and effective throughout the project duration.

Temporary chain link fences are an invaluable asset in maintaining safety, security, and efficiency on NJ construction sites

They provide a versatile, cost-effective solution to the inherent challenges of construction sites, from reducing the risk of accidents to deterring theft and vandalism.

By prioritizing safety measures during installation and ensuring regular inspection of the installed fences, companies like Eastcoast Site Work contribute to safer, more secure construction environments. As the construction industry continues to evolve, the role of such practical, adaptable solutions will undoubtedly become even more critical.

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