Tree Protection Fence

Trees in a landscape, garden or orchard are beneficial for shade, beauty and the production of fruits and nuts. Humans, however, are not the only ones to appreciate trees. Animals such as deer commonly browse tree foliage, fruit and nuts as a source of nutrition. Deer also are capable of inflicting significant damage to trees from rubbing and scraping their antlers on them. Tree protection from animals such as deer can be accomplished by installing a temporary metal fence.

Another threat to trees is the impact of construction on the plants. Unfortunately, plants meant to be part of a home’s permanent landscape often are needlessly damaged or killed during construction. Careful tree protection planning can reduce damage and save you the trouble and expense of treating or removing injured plants.

Develop a plan with the builder or architect. Then install bright orange polypropylene fencing. Your primary objective is to protect delicate root systems, so provide your trees with as much space as possible. Make sure all construction workers know that nothing inside this area is to be raked, cut, stored, or otherwise disturbed. You’ll boost your trees’ chance for survival if you make sure they’re as healthy as possible before construction begins.

It’s not always easy to save trees during construction, but your efforts are worth the trouble. Healthy, well-placed trees can increase property values by 9 to 27 percent. Protecting tree health on a construction site is a matter of recognizing the potential impacts. Advance planning and simple steps to minimize damage often can prevent future problems. Many trees have a tremendous capacity to survive disturbance. Take the time to protect and monitor the health of your investment. It will be worth it!

Wood Slat Snow Fence

Our tree protection wood snow fence is one of the industry’s best and a must for tree protection during winter months.

With 4 strands of 14 gauge twisted wire supporting 3/8 x 1-1/2” natural wood slats, our traditional wood lathe slatted fence is ideal for snow and sand control. Available in 4’x50’ rolls. Installed with 6ft steel posts.

Safety Fence

Our construction site safety fences are polyethylene (HDPE) and are very rigid and very strong. They look and feel like chain link but are all plastic. Available in orange for traditional construction applications.

The Safety fence is available in 4´ x 50´ rolls (Only Orange is available in 4’x100′ lengths). Installed with 6′ steel green channel posts every 10-15LF.

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