Commercial Chain Link Fence Types and Applications

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Chain link fencing has been used since 1891. Chain link fence is popular among businesses and homeowners for a variety of reasons. It provides good security at a moderate cost. In New Jersey, chain link fencing is ideal for playgrounds, backyards, prisons, sports fields, car impound lots, and a variety of other applications.

The Advantages of Chain Link Fences

Cost-Effective: For residential or commercial premises, a chain link fence is a basic and economical fencing choice. Our chain link fences are sturdy and resilient, designed to survive the most extreme weather conditions.

Customizable: At Eastcoast Site Work, we’ll create a chainlink fence that fits your unique style and property requirements.

Long Lasting: Chain link fences have a lengthy lifespan, lasting somewhere between 15 and 20 years.

Commercial chain link fencing is a cost-efficient and effective way to protect New Jersey properties and other sensitive locations from theft and vandalism. It features a stronger metal fabric than a residential chain link fence, as well as a structure that includes line posts and terminal posts – corner posts, end posts, and gate posts. All of the measurements are in conformity with ASTM guidelines.

Chain link is available in a variety of gauges, ranging from 12 12 ga (low weight) to 6 ga (1/4″ wire). Chain link used in prisons is typically 6 ga. Chain link is a translucent, non-private fence that enables light to pass through.

Although galvanized wire is used in most applications, chain link is also available in vinyl coated hues such as black, brown, and green. For vinyl coated chain link any other color would need a high setup cost, and replacement components would include additional setup costs. Fuse bonded or extrusion bonded vinyl coated chain link mesh is available. Fuse bonded vinyl coated chain link mesh is indicated for industrial and commercial applications, as well as meeting the F-668 Class 2B criteria, and uses a primer to create chemical bonding to the wire.

Any style of chain link fence can have privacy slats added, but care should be taken to ensure that the fence’s construction can withstand the weight or increased load. Chain link fencing is less expensive and more durable than other fence types.

6 Uses for Commercial Chain Link Fencing

There are numerous reasons to consider installing a commercial chain link fence in New Jersey. Chain link fences are one of the most common types of commercial and residential fencing, and for good reason. They are typically simple to set up, highly functional, cost-effective, and serve a variety of purposes.

Here are a few of the most typical business chain link fence uses. Please contact us immediately if you’d like to explore designing a fencing solution with a reputable chain link fence installation business in New Jersey.

Define Borders

Solid privacy walls have one main drawback, despite the fact that there are several fence designs that allow people to set definite borders. A chain link fence provides the security and defined boundaries that people seek while also allowing them to see plainly through to the other side. This is especially effective in places like parks, where parents are keeping an eye on their children while relying on the fence for security.

Contain assets and people

For many business owners, having confined spaces with assets safely stored behind them is an important benefit. These could include job supplies or vehicles, as well as a fence that keeps unwelcome guests out while still allowing simple access to the business. Similarly, chain link fences can be used to keep individuals contained within a certain region.

Increased Security

Installing a business chain link fence with barbed wire on top will undoubtedly improve the security of your property. Privacy netting or vinyl slats are other options that could be incorporated. These solutions allow owners to combine the cost-effective benefits of a chain link fence with the level of privacy they prefer.

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Sports Fields for Athletes and Kids

You’ve probably noticed the chain link fence surrounding a baseball or football game if you’ve ever attended one. In these sports grounds, chain link fencing is utilized for a variety of functions, including separating different fields from one another, identifying specific zones, and keeping intruders out. Because of its durability, ease of maintenance, and low cost, it’s also a popular choice for sports fields.

highly Secure Environments

Chain link fence is commonly used as a first line of defense in high-security areas such as prisons, medical treatment centers, and other comparable locations. It helps to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas and gives guards more time to respond if someone does try to breach the perimeter.

Industrial Applications and Factories

It’s usual to see commercial chain link fences enclosing potentially risky areas in factories and industrial sites. Due to particular rules regulating personnel, site visitors, and even trespassers, access control is extremely crucial in industrial environments.

What are the different types of chain link fence posts?

Chain link fence posts provide the structural support for chain link fences and keep them in place. A chain link fence can have up to four different types of chain link fence posts, designed specifically for chain link fences. Corner posts are solid chain links, while line posts are made of hollow chain links and function as the middle support. End post supports create a finished look when the chain is set near a wall or structure and gate posts provide the smaller chain links needed at entrance points.

What Is A Terminal Post?

A terminal post, also known as a corner post or sometimes an end post, is a chain link fence post used to help support and finish the chain link fence structure. Terminal posts vary in size and length according to their particular application, but all feature long slats that stretch the chain link mesh around and through it with tension. By using the tension of these posts, they can help make chain link fences sturdier and more durable against any damage or general weathering.

These posts come with their own anchors, which allows them to be securely installed in a variety of different ground types. In addition to aesthetic value, chain link fencing also provides important security measures for residential and commercial properties alike. Using quality terminal posts will ensure your chain link fencing remains attractive and secure for years to come.

What Is A Line Post?

A line post is an important component of chain link fence systems. It is a vertical post in the ground designed to withstand the pressure applied by chain link fencing panels and other related components, such as tension wires. Line posts come in different sizes, with larger posts typically used in heavier chain-link applications, such as commercial or industrial fences.

They are usually made from steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel, making them durable and corrosion-resistant, making them well-suited for all types of chain link fencing operations. With their strength and resilience, line posts form an essential part of chain link fence design and construction.

Chain Link Fence For New Jersey Businesses and Organizations

As a business property owner in New Jersey, safeguarding your investment is of paramount importance. One popular method of enhancing security and demarcating specific areas is the use of chain link fences. These versatile structures can be strategically placed around the property’s perimeter or within it to segregate different areas for various purposes. Chain link fences have gained popularity across government and state-owned facilities due to their adaptability.

Commercial chain link fences have a broad spectrum of applications. They can be found enclosing spaces from tennis and baseball fields to factories, from government buildings to prisons, and from industrial premises to swimming pools.

When considering how to place a chainlink fence, it’s important to take into account the specific needs of your outdoor space. The process involves attaching fence panels in a way that best serves your security or functional needs.

Fence panels, available in metal or wood, can be chosen based on your preference. Metal fence panels are robust and durable, while wood panels add a touch of natural beauty to the outdoor space. If privacy is a concern, consider adding fence slats to your chain link fence. These slats can be woven through the links, creating a visual barrier without compromising the integrity of the entire fence.

With Eastcoast Sitework’s 20 years of experience in the construction industry serving the northeast United States, you can ensure your fencing needs are met with the utmost professionalism. Their services extend beyond fencing to include silt fence installation, custom-made fencing, snow removal, solar panel maintenance, and street sweeping among others.

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Why Choose Eastcoast Site Work for Your Chain Link Fence Project?

Eastcoast Site Work is a Ocean County, New Jersey based professional sitework company that specializes in chain link fence. Commercial chain link fences from us are made of the greatest quality available. This low-cost, long-lasting fencing choice is perfect for any business, facility, farm, or commercial structure. Steel wire is woven into a robust diamond pattern to create our chain link fences. Many property owners pick chain link fences as a cost-effective way to establish a robust barrier of protection to their land.

Allow Eastcoast Site Work to provide you with a high-quality and beautiful commercial chain link fence for your site. Our team of experts specializes in custom fencing solutions for commercial purposes and serves the Ocean County and Monmouth County, Jersey Shore area. Get a free estimate by contacting us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best alternatives to building a chain link fence?

A: There are a few different types of fencing materials you can consider as an alternative to chain link fence: wood fences, vinyl fence, or composite. Vinyl fencing is growing in popularity due to its low-maintenance properties; it doesn’t need to be painted or stained, and it won’t rot or rust. Composite fencing is made from a blend of recycled materials, so it’s eco-friendly; it also doesn’t require any maintenance. Wood fencing is the most traditional option and can be customized to fit any aesthetic; however, it does require periodic painting or staining.

Q: Are lights for chain link fence available?

A: If you’re considering illuminating your chain link fence, you’ll be pleased to know there are lights designed specifically for chain link fences. Not only does chain link fence lighting provide a decorative and fashionable look, but it also enhances security for your home or business. Plus, with chain link fence light options ranging from solar-powered LED lamps to traditional powered lanterns, it’s never been easier to find the perfect chain link fence light that best suits your needs and style. So, if you’re looking to add external lighting to your chain-link fence project without breaking the bank, chain-link fencing lights are an excellent choice.

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